Hello world!

Nature is a wonderful thing… because you just never know when it will give you a show that money cannot buy!

Welcome to The Crazy Sailors. We are busy constructing this site… so stand by… for some crazy stuff to follow.

We travel, we sail, we have fun, we eat, we sleep, we see strange things, do strange things, meet strange people… hell… we are also strange people… so it could get interesting!!

People have said “Write a book”… but the way we see it is that… once a book is written… that’s it!! We have experiences daily and feel that a book would be great… but a blog would be MUCH better… so if you feel like having a laugh now and again, while experiencing our adventures… then bookmark this page.

We are also going to post a few things from the past here and there… especially those experiences that are extremely hard to forget πŸ™‚Β  –Β  (PS: If you think you are going to be the victim of a historic post… and don’t want it to be featured as a part of our “adventures”… we are open to some financial negotiation… ROFLMAO)

Feel free to comment by clicking on the title of the post in “recent posts” in the right hand margin and scrolling down to the “comment” area. We would seriously like this to be an interactive blog… so don’t be shy…

See you soon!!

The Nutjob

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8 Replies to “Hello world!”

    1. Ahoy… perhaps we should start with a few experiences towards the beginning of our sailing adventure (before the grey matter absorbs them) and add new things as we go along. πŸ™‚

  1. I would definitely read the blog, maybe not a book. Once a book is written it’s done. But a blog can go on forever. ?
    Just change the pic of the Nutjob ! ????

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    1. We need loads of light-hearted reading and entertainment, to take our minds off this mad, mad world we live in .

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    2. Awesome. Once I figure out how to use this thing properly… I may change the picture… right now, my lack of skill with this is embarrassing… so I am hiding behind my namesakes caricature πŸ™‚

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