Things that make you smile…

Since we decided not to write a book and decided on going the blog route instead, we trust you will enjoy some of the “historic” happenings that made us smile…

Like I said… we are strange… but then we were born that way.

Here is one such instance…
A while back, we were booked to do a charter in the BVI. Two of the guests were arriving on a later flight, so while we were waiting for them, we were bringing the others up to speed as to the facilities on the boat. We pointed out the cold water tap, the icemaker, the drinks cabinet, personal water bottles etc. Eventually I got to the cockpit refrigerator, advising that this is where all the cold drinks such as beers, wines and soft drinks (soda’s) are stored… and in doing so… I opened the refrigerator to show them. They almost had a heart attack… because they saw that I had some coca cola in the fridge and told me that I had to remove it IMMEDIATELY!!

I was a bit shocked at that request, as it just happens to be my staple diet… I am a confirmed coke-a-holic… so I said “Why would you want me to do that?” Apparently the one guest that was yet to arrive was the marketing manager or advertising manager or something along those lines for the opposition brand of that soda and that she would have a FIT if she saw the coca cola in the refrigerator.

After much discussion, I pointed out to them that the soda’s they requested were also in the refrigerator and that unfortunately, we were not some super store that had unlimited floor and refrigeration space to ensure that “HER” product was kept in a refrigerator of it’s own. They said yes, but they did not order coca cola. I said you may not have, but I did… because that is what I drink… and at the end of the day… it is MY refrigerator.

ANYWAY… the lady eventually arrived… and although she was quite visibly not too happy about the coke being in the refrigerator, said nothing.

The kicker was that she wanted to access our on board internet to send a few messages and check her email… and she asked for our password. OK… you have to understand that whilst I have the most wicked sense of humour… and sometimes I push a few buttons to get some kind of reaction… I did NOT instigate this and I did NOT do this to upset her… I did not do this after finding out which soda company she represented… I HONESTLY had set up the password about 2 years earlier, simply because I figured at the time that NOBODY in their right mind would ever guess that our password was in fact…. COCACOLA!!! Trust me… you have not seen grumpy till you have seen the face of someone so visibly irritated in a situation like that. She refused to access our internet and connected to her AT&T data plan instead.

To add insult to injury… nobody in her party drank any of her brand of soda on the trip… we started with 48 cans and we ended with 48 cans that they ordered…. HOWEVER… her loyal subjects sneaked a few of my cokes here and there on the sly when she was not looking…

We smiled… (hmmm… I hope she does not read this post… and if she does… my apologies to those loyal subjects for throwing them under the bus.)

Then there was the “Kebab Stick” charter… no… we shall leave that for another time… HAHAHA – forgive me… I type as I think.

Have an awesome day as we continue sailing up to Bequia

The Nutjobs…

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